BARGATOR congregations will bring you a new DINE & WINE experience.

* BARGATOR congregations will bring you
a new DINE & WINE experience.

BARGATOR strives to create and provide luxury services and an environment which will deliver comfort and pleasure to all our guests. An explicit sense of luxuries with necessities which guests demand will be offered with love and intuitiveness to enhance the hospitality experience in the food and beverage industry.

BARGATOR is an incorporation that specializes in hospitality and Entertainment F&B based in Tokyo the city of luxury and magnificent hospitality. We provide a food and beverage firm with total support, ranging from formulation and administrative plans, enhancement, standardization and streamlining of business processes to manage, consult, real estate development and hospitality performance moreover to creating events and exhibitions for all seasons.

Our first-rate team who are chosen very carefully to exceed the expectations that you will ever have when you dine and wine, our ladies and gentlemen are pleased in bringing a very new and unique experience to our guests.

Our group of intuitive concierges will bring you new attendance of wishes

Our guests start their entertaining journey from our CONCIERGE who will warmly welcome, providing you with all the necessary support using the best software to enhance the concierge services that our guest demand at any given time. Therefore, we are connecting and working hand in hand with the biggest TECH companies in collaboration and mixing F&B with the TECH industry, as well as using the most developed POS system that will make it very easy for our guests to use in all circumstances.

Our group of bartenders will bring you a new bar encounter

Our infinitely iconic BARS we create with passion to give you the best experience of COCKTAILS that meet your mood and feeling which offers a sanctuary for the soul. The great collection of our beverages from RARE WHISKIES, SPIRITES, LIQUORS & BRANDIES will be the reason that captures your heart and mind. Our BARTENDERS are inspired by the glamorous scene of the twilight every day and the full moon of midnight that lights the glimmering sky of stars.

Our group of sommeliers will bring you a new wine experience

Great WINE & CHAMPAGNE service starts before you even decide and here comes our professional SOMMLIERS to have the chance to display their knowledge and suggest to you the best glass or bottle of wine to match the flavor you prefer based on your entrée.

Our group of chefs will bring you a new dining enjoyment

Enjoy FINE DINING of our gourmet kitchen that a connoisseur will love, our professional CHEFS will create the best artisan dishes that you will always love to see and want to eat, as well as a select menu that contains all your favorite foods from various cuisines of the world.

Our group of ladies and gentlemen will bring you to a new entertainment level

Our ENTERTAINMENT which generates value by providing our guests with something delightfully interesting to watch and listen to, this is accompanied with vibrant and thrilling experiences. LIVEBAND & DJ performances will refresh your mind in celebration of the weekend. Our environment is designed to be comfortable, relaxing as well as to be able to communicate with others and meet new acquaintances.

Our Design

The philosophy behind our design concept is the scent of stunning, sophisticated and modern Luxury. Our goal is creating an environment that makes our guests feel like themselves throughout the design, it is combination of materials and textures complementing each other in a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere.

Company Profile

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Mita 2-2-18-304
Date of establishment
March 29th, 2019

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Tokyo, Minato-ku, Mita 2-2-18-304

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